What Are Polo Shirts Actually Called?

What Are Polo Shirts Actually Called?

Jacob David

A polo shirt is also a tennis shirt, golf shirt, chukker shirt, or chukka shirt. Some of the names may be unfamiliar to you, but so must most of the facts about a polo shirt. A short description of a polo shirt is a half-sleeved shirt with a turnover collar and a placket neckline with either two or three buttons and an optional pocket. This article will provide you with more information about polo shirts, their types, occasions where you can wear them, and how you can style them accordingly, so happy reading.

Let's Time Travel For Polo Shirt

Let's start with a little history of Polo shirts; Polo shirts were originally used by polo players in India in 1859 and then later in Britain. Unusually, what we know as a polo shirt today was used by tennis players and designed by tennis player Rene Lacoste. He found the “tennis whites,” especially the long-sleeved button-up cotton shirt, very restrictive while playing tennis; hence he designed a white short-sleeved, pique cotton shirt with a collar and a buttoned placket. This shirt had a unique longer shirttail at the back. It is believed that the Polo shirt was first worn in the 1926 U.S Open Championship. After Rene retired in 1933, he began mass production of similar polo shirts for the public.

Are Polo Shirts For Men?

It is true that Polo shirts were initially pioneered as men's clothing, and many people still think polo shirts favor masculinity and efficacy over ubiquity. Still, over time a polo shirt has acquired various colors and styles and is consequently worn both by male and female fashion enthusiasts alike.

While there are undeniable elements of masculinity in polo shirts, it doesn't mean that they can't be worn by women and children; nowadays, woman-friendly colors such as pink, lavender, and softer blue make Polo shirts a suitable choice for females belonging to all age groups. A Polo shirt today has become a garment that individuals of both sexes and from all walks of life consider a must-have in their wardrobes.

How Are Men's Polo Shirts Different From Womens’?

Male polo shirts are often associated with classic sportswear and are a timeless piece of classic clothing that just comes with the territory of being a man. You may wonder how to differentiate between a male and a female polo shirt. Both typically look similar but aren't precisely the same; the key difference is there are some manufacturing differences between the two, and the female polo shirt is structurally different by having:

  • Much narrower shoulder areas.
  • A wider chest surface area.
  • Shorter shirt lengths than men's shirts.
  • Shorter sleeve length than the male counterparts.
  • Curved bodice not found in men's shirts
  • Additional flares at the bottom sides.

What's An Active Fit Polo Shirt?

The Active Fit provides a sleek, modern look and is about one size smaller in the body and less than half an inch in length in the sleeves than the classic fit. So what are the benefits of this cut? First, it supports movement, and it's designed to allow you to lift heavy things or move your arms at any angle while wearing it - additionally, the shoulders or sides do not droop or get caught on things because of extra fabric. All these features help Active Fit Polo shirts stand out from your boxy cotton tee and provide a smarter silhouette.

Active Fit Polo shirts are considered a more stylish and current cut to wear these days during the day, and these shirts are fast gaining popularity amongst men because of their minimalist style and sleeker cut, as is the case in slim-fit shirts.

What Is A Form-Fit Polo Shirt?

Polo shirts come in different sizes according to the wearer's muscle mass, chest size, and body type, unlike other one-size-fits-all clothing like leggings. Polo shirts are typically designed with boxier, straight-lined, or fitted silhouettes, keeping in mind various preferences.

So what distinguishes a form-fit polo shirt, and why should you wear it? The form fit polo shirts, also known as "athletic polos," are tailored for larger chests through arm slits, oversized armholes, and more enormous sleeves. Choosing a fitted polo shirt is challenging as there are so many options in the market today. But buying a perfect polo shirt isn’t an easy feat, and knowing what makes one great and ideal for you can at times be overwhelming.

What Sports Can Be Played In A Polo Shirt?

A polo shirt's name may be misleading and makes people think it is just for polo players. Contrary to this popular belief, polo shirts allow any player to be mobile when playing different sports. They have been both comfortable and elegant for sports enthusiasts such as tennis, golf, badminton, and rugby players. Due to its multifunctionality, the polo shirt has become universally popular and is much loved by almost every individual across the globe.

Many different fashion brands have tried to recreate polo shirts and their shape for the same purpose, but each brand has had varying levels of success.

Can Polo Shirts Be Worn As Formal Wear?

While polo shirts are casual and typically associated with sports- they have also become a daywear staple, and you can even wear them to formal occasions – as long as you pair them with the right shoes, belt, and pants.

Society has a real tug-of-war when it comes to formal and casual attire. However, with the advancement of "casual Fridays," these polo shirts have found their place in office attire during a workday. Just like how bootcut jeans were once seen as sporty on construction sites when they first became popular in the ’70s, so are polo shirts. Nonetheless, nowadays, polo shirts enjoy their popularity on palettes of black and fancy plaids thanks to fashion’s movement towards the pairing of unexpected pieces together. So you need not worry anymore if you step out sporting a polo shirt with dress pants.

From Drab To Daring With Polo Shirts.

Have you ever been in a meeting at work, looked down, and thought, "what's with all this formal business dressing?" Then after the meeting is adjourned to the next room, you spot Chuck happily wearing his polo shirt as his "formal" work attire (which he pairs with jeans).

If your opinion is that considering wearing a polo shirt to the office should be discouraged in all cases for professionalism, take a second look at what other people are doing. Polo shirts are worn as formal wear by stylish individuals alike, and it's hard not to give them credit when they can transform an otherwise dull suit into something unexpected and unique.

Polo shirts are the first to come to mind whenever someone asks you whether it's socially appropriate to wear a particular article of clothing as formal attire. The thing with polo shirts is that there are no defined boundaries - whatever feels appropriate is fair game. You can pair them with a skirt, jeans, or by playing off the patterns and embellishments for social events like weddings, office parties, casual dinners, etc.

It is not unheard of these days for a turnover collared shirt to serve as part of a less formally dressed attire when paired with some fun paired crops- leggings that do as shorts on hotter days (hello birthday party, mom!). So feel free to leave that suspicion behind and pursue a polo shirt as your

statement about fashion!

Where To Buy Polo Shirts?

This question comes up more often; since many people are worried about purchasing a polo shirt and not being able to get the right size or style. However, many stores offer a variety of polo shirts for different occasions. In addition, online stores provide a faster and more convenient way to buy polo shirts for their customers.

Finding some good quality shirts is not a very easy task, especially since we are in the 21st century when the internet provides more options than we would like. These online options are more cost-effective, trendy, high quality, and have a short purchase turnaround time than traditional stores.

While buying online is faster for those who know their size, it also saves them from looking for the perfect fit in stores. Online stores also give the advantage of learning about polo shirts, their size options, materials, and colors to make your online shopping experience worthwhile. So buy your polo shirt from wherever it suits you, for example online from Jerdoni stores.

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